October 2015

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East Viewians display fortitude and resilience

TODAY, Friday, 19 December 2014
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EVSS In A Nutshell

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Travel Declaration for June Holiday

Compulsory to all students who are travelling to another country to submit the travel declaration form in AsknLearn. Please click  here to view the Travel Declaration Guide

CCA Fair 2015 slides

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Locker Rental Application Form

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Class Timetable for Semester 2
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Secondary 3 Meet-the-Parent Session

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SG50 Home

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e-book done by EVSS

Edusave Character Award (ECHA) Nomination

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To nominate, please click here  to download the nomination form
Complete all the relevant sections and submit the form to EVSS General Office by 11 August 2015

Letter to Parents - Haze Management Measures

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End of Year Examination 2015
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Safety Message of the Month

Know safety, no pain. No safety, know pain.

Know safety, no pain. No safety, know pain.